No buzz words,
just better.

We know that fantasy sports are all about the thrill of
seeing your strategy come to life, bringing victory to
you. We want to emphasize the gameplay of Fantasy
Sports and unlock its true potential.

the commission we take

Unlike other DFS companies, we collect a one-time commission at the beginning of every SURVIVOR contest. No matter how many days the contest advances, we will not take any more.

we Never Win Any Money

Besides our initial commission fee, we won't take any additional payments, which means that at the end of the contest all of the money will go to the players.

Length of Contests

All StatHero SURVIVOR contests are multi-day and last until 1 remaining player or the final 10% choose to split the pot. This gives the player the opportunity to experience more instant gratification in 1 contest versus having to enter a new contest daily.

let's talk numbers

StatHero has a fixed commission rate of 20%. At a glance, it may sound like a lot since
traditional DFS companies adjust their rates based on an entry fee. But to play for
multiple days with traditional DFS, you will have to pay every day when in StatHero,
you are paying once - when you enter a contest. Let us show you how it works:

just beat stathero once. proceed further. Earn more money on the way and compete for the Grand Prize.

hungry for competition?

check out survivor contests