Frequently Asked Questions

Combining the aspects of fantasy sports and survivor contests, STATHERO is a first of it’s kind fantasy sports platform. Competing in online contests across a variety of professional sports, our players only competition is STATHERO itself, not the other players in a contest. Our Patent-Pending Payout Model allows our players to earn back entry fees and more by beating the game and surviving to the next round of each contest.

In order to register a STATHERO account you are required to provide your full name, address, date of birth, email address and telephone number.  If your identity cannot be validated, you will be required to submit additional information or documentation.

In order to ensure fair play in our contests, STATHERO prohibits users from opening up more than one account. If for some reason you forget your password or username please contact

Please note: if the same individual sets up multiple accounts, STATHERO will deactivate all accounts except one, and any potential winnings may not be honored from all accounts. Any accounts that are set up illegitimately will be deactivated and winnings will not be honored.

If you feel your account has been compromised or you need to close your account for any reason please contact STATHERO support.


  • STATHERO accepts all major credit/debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
  • Players will be able to choose between Direct Deposit, Paper Check, or Electronic Check for payout for all of StatHero’s contests and withdrawals.

Currently, STATHERO offers contests in MLB, NBA, and NFL. Each contest choice is catered to how many teams you want to choose from. StatHero offers: Full League, Conference, and Divisional Survivor Contests. Whichever you choose will determine the amount of team choices you and StatHero will be able to choose from.

StatHero will offer Single and Double Elimination Contests at the beginning of each season. These contests are ‘winner take all’ and the total payout will go the last remaining survivor. These contests will not have round by round payouts. All prizes for these contests will be paid at the end of the contest. These contests will resemble a real survivor elimination contest.

STATHERO receives 25% commission on all contests. This commission structure benefits the player because this is a ONE time fee.  STATHERO is a multi-day fantasy platform.  No matter how many days you survive in a contest, you will not be charged any more than one fee.  This is a big difference vs playing a DFS contest where you get charged a commission every day you play.  On top of this, every round you beat STATHERO and people are eliminated, you will continue to win money.

No. Your team selected does not have to win their real world game in order for you to survive to the next round. Your players just need to have more points than STATHERO at the end of the day. Keep in mind, if you tie STATHERO in a contest you will be eliminated. All ties vs STATHERO will lose. This is to prevent players from picking the same team as STATHERO.

This revolutionary payout structure is something that has never been seen before. For information on StatHeros’ payout model, view the link here.


In order to participate in STATHERO contests you must be physically located in the following 30 states: AK, AR, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, IL, KS, KY, MA, MD, MI, MN, NC, ND, NE, NM, OK, OH, OR, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, WI, WV, WY, and UT.  If you are not physically located in these states, you will be ineligible to participate in STATHERO contests.

You do not need to be in approved states to register for a player account, access your account, or to deposit or withdraw funds.  However, in order to play real money games you must be in approved states.

You must be physically located in allowed states to play for real money on StatHero.  Once you leave any approved state borders, you will be unable to play real money games on StatHero.


Yes, you may access your account from outside jurisdiction borders, but playing real money games outside of jurisdiction borders is not allowed.

If you leave an approved state during your contest, you will no longer be eligible to continue playing and your session will be terminated.  StatHero will need to confirm you are physically located in allowed state in order for your session to resume.

In most cases, yes, however if you are less than a half a mile from the border, you may be blocked from play and will need to move further away from border to try again.

You may be on a list of blocked accounts/devices or phone numbers due to suspicious activity associated with your account, device or phone number.  Your account could also be restricted for reasons related to responsible gaming.  Please contact the website’s support team for further details.

If you believe that you are within state borders and you are being restricted from real money gaming on a mobile phone or tablet, make sure that your device’s Location Services are turned on. Enabling Wi-Fi, GPS and/or cellular data on the device can also assist us to successfully locate you.

If you’re trying to play on an Android device, and not being accurately located, then you may need to clear your cache from your mobile in order to be accurately located. To do this, go to Settings > Name of app used to access gaming service (gaming app or browser app) > and select Clear Cache. Another easy way to clear the cache across all apps on your phone is to download an app from the ‘Play Store’ store for this such as App Cache Cleaner.

Android Debug Bridge Connection (ADB) is a development tool that gives the ability to remote into the device and alter location data. Thus utilizing of ADB connection on your Android is not allowed.
For the user to successfully pass geolocation checks, ADB functionality should be disabled by navigating to the following toggle switch:

Android Settings > Developer options > Enable USB Debugging > OFF

  1. No. In order to play for real money, you must use a device with its original manufacturer settings.


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