It's time for fantasy
sports to evolve.

We know that fantasy sports are all about the thrill of
seeing your strategy come to life, bringing victory to
you. We want to emphasize the gameplay of Fantasy
Sports and unlock its true potential.


Modern DFS is intimidating. You log in and face an endless pit of information: complicated interfaces, thousands of contests, and players. You see contests with 100, 200 thousand players in them!

It may seem significant until you realize that you'll have to face those people, and there is a good chance that plenty of them are sharks. Experts. Outstanding players.

It's hard to win in these conditions, which means that you won't be able to experience everything great about DFS.

Our goal with StatHero was to alleviate it. Make the DFS experience accessible to anyone. We wanted to share this incredible feeling of competition and emphasize it.

StatHero focuses only on essential things - strategy, planning, analysis, and gameplay, of course. StatHero is a fantasy sports platform for the rest of us.

Jason Jaramillo

founder & ceo

fair for everyone

better odds to win

StatHero is your ONLY competition.
You no longer have to beat thousands
of other players and rank in the Top 1%
to make money.

play multiple days

All StatHero contests last multiple days,
but require ONLY ONE entry fee, so your
money lasts longer. Every round you
advance in a contest earns you more


Sick of playing the DFS lottery? No more
competing with sharks or experts, EVER!
Since StatHero is your ONLY competition,
players at any skill level can compete for
the grand prize.


StatHero provides fantasy survivor contests
that pay you out EVERY TIME you
advance. Our patented-payout structure
always keeps the jackpot within reach, you
just have to SURVIVE.

hungry for competition?

check out survivor contests